How To Get Pregnant With Low Sperm Count

 Low sperm count is medically stated as “oligozoospermia”. Oligozoospermia is referred to when a person’s sperm count drops under the brink of 15 million sperm in keeping with a milliliter of semen. The typical sperm count in a person, however, is taken into consideration to be around seventy-five million per Millilitre of semen. 


A normal man has a sperm count of seventy-five million per Millilitre of semen. If you're thinking about why your lady accomplice is having a problem getting pregnant, it is essential to recognize that nature and amount of sperm are liable for a wholesome conception.


According to the latest document provided through the WHO on infertility in India, around 50% of infertility incidence is due to “male infertility”. The information had been found out in the latest research by the Doctors of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) as they've suggested that when the sperm count of an average Indian male which stood at nearly 60 million per Millilitre of semen, now stands at around 20 million/ sperm per milliliter of semen.


Low sperm count is a hassle that is being encountered by a number of males in India,  keep reading on to know more.


Regardless of the severity of the reproductive wellness troubles, you have to recognize that there are remedies to deal with low sperm counts. Before diving deep into the remedy of low sperm remember, it is essential to recognize what are the reasons for low sperm count.


Causes of low sperm count-

1- Taking regular medicinal drugs

Anabolic steroid use, chemo, several antifungals, and antibiotic medicinal drugs can create male infertility by reducing sperm creation


2- Smoking

Tobacco can affect reduced sperm motility, a low quantity of usually formed sperm, and accelerated sperm DNA damage.


3- Consumption of alcohol

Alcohol can modify the sperm count, how they swim (motility rate), their shape, quantity, etc. which isn't always top on your reproductive fitness in particular if you are making plans of conception.


4- Injury in or across the testicular area

Any prior harm across the genitals may also make blockage and prevent sperm creation or generate supply a lesser quantity of sperm


5- Any long-time period sickness

Kidney failure, early life infections, or hormone troubles may have long time consequences to your frame and in particular, withinside the case of male fertility and low sperm count.


6- Hormone Imbalance 

Hormone imbalance can result in decreased sperm count, because the pituitary glands which might be liable for generating testosterone may also prevent functioning well.


7- Vasectomy

Vasectomy is a surgery this is commonly executed to save you being pregnant by blocking off the sperm from going to the semen while a man ejaculates. Slowly your sperm count reduces, you're capable of ejaculate however the sperm quality can be below average thereby influencing sperm counts.  


8- Sexually transmitted diseases

STD or some other related contamination can affect scarring or partly block the entrance of sperm.

STD is a situation which is likewise known as STI (sexually transmitted contamination) this infection may be stuck thru sexual touch or intimate touch and if one has STD then there aren’t many stuff that you could do to correct it however there are quite a few methods to combat its symptoms.


9- Undescended testicles

If your testicles are in excessive temperatures for a long term then the sperm quality and quantity might witness a considerable decline.


10- Immunologic Infertility

Sometimes Antibodies attack the sperm. These antibodies are commonly made in case of damage, sickness, or operation, basically, something that has brought about damage to the body. It doesn’t create infertility however it makes it hard for sperm to swim.


And quite a few medical doctors have stated that masturbating each day doesn’t drop your sperm quality.


Ways to improve sperm count-

You can revitalize your fertility and enhance the quality and amount of sperm by making some life changes.


- Refrain from alcohol, drugs, and smoking

- Use boxers over briefs

- Don’t workout with skin fit garments

- Try to consume more healthy and keep a wholesome Body Mass Index (BMI)

- Stop taking tension, excessive stressful environments decrease your testosterone levels

- Avoid staying in locations with excessive toxicity like pollution


If none of those work, seek advice from a fertility doctor. A male infertility specialist can recommend you to take a few hormone remedies or medicinal drugs depending on your case. Whatever happens, don’t strain over it, give some time and trust the process


Low sperm count remedy options

If you want to be a parent and experience the liveliness a baby brings in your life, then with an early prognosis and well-timed remedy, it is possible. For a successful conception, the sperm should move to the egg and fertilize it. Following are a few powerful fertility remedies that you can choose to be able to cope with fertility-associated problems like low sperm count, etc.


1- IVF

IVF is one of the common and preferred fertility remedies which can be used. In-Vitro Fertilization is an ART(Assisted Reproduction Technology) solution this is used to assist couples going through problems with their dream of accomplishing parenthood.


During an IVF treatment, the egg and the sperm are fertilized in a specialized IVF lab and develop an embryo under lab conditions in a Petri dish that is why it is known as “In-Vitro”. If you're looking for the best IVF centre in Mumbai contact IRIS IVF Centre for the best fertility treatment.



Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is specifically utilized in instances when your spouse has a low sperm count. And this is approximately below 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen.


In different circumstances wherein you may have situations like negative morphology or negative motility. In instances associated with odd sperm analysis, sperm samples are accumulated and are brought to a mature egg.  They provide free counseling to couples going through infertility problems.


3- Keep trying

Maybe it’s all in your head and generally, that’s the case with maximum men. Not taking any pressure and no longer accepting matters the way they indicate how much you need something. Try to conceive every 2-3 days is what we'd suggest. You should try for 6 months to 12 months without contraceptives before consulting a doctor.


4- Using a Donor

Here we're indicating the use of the sperm from a donor, which is known as donor insemination. Egg or sperm donors are commonly available with a center for IVF or another ART remedy; you've got the choice of selecting from more than one profile.




With the proper treatment and advice, you could achieve your dreams of becoming parents. Yes, slow sperm count is a hassle, however, there are numerous solutions to deal with this.


Low sperm count may be dealt with! If you are experiencing this sort of hassle and would like to know more about it, you can seek advice from the medical doctors at IRIS IVF Centre. Visit here to know more-


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